Ensuring that the spa water is crystal clean is important if you want the users to feel comfortable.

Water that is not regularly cleaned can be a breeding ground for various bacteria which can eventually cause health issues for the bathers. Plus, the longevity of your spa equipment also depends on the quality of the water.   

And one main factor that will determine the quality and cleanliness of the water is its balance. Since spas have a higher temperature and lower volume of water compared to swimming pools, balancing it can be a tricky affair. Warm water also uses a higher level of sanitizer than cold water as bacteria can spread more rapidly.

To keep your spa clean, you need to primarily focus on two areas – chemical levels and the filter.

Mind the Chemicals

You should check the chemical levels of spa water regularly, at least once every a week. Slight changes in the levels can deteriorate the bathing quality of water.

To examine properly, get spa water testing strips from the nearest store. Once purchased, dip the strip in for about 15 seconds. You can now see the readings of various chemical levels including the pH, chlorine and so on. This will help you adjust the chemical levels of the water.

When adding chemicals to the spa water, take at least a 2-hour break between the different chemicals. If you mix in all together, it will turn out to be less effective. Plus, you can also avoid the possibility of inter-chemical reactions, which may result in problems to the bather.  

Remember to measure chemicals precisely before adding it to the water. Do not try to guess the quantity, but use a measuring cup or something similar. Pouring excess chemicals will only be harmful, while fewer chemicals will not clean the water properly.

Many types of chemicals like chlorine, bromine and sodium bicarbonate may have to be added to the spa water to keep it clean. If you are unsure about the chemicals to be added and the quantities, seek professional advice from Poolside North Shore. We recommend the products which will best suit your family’s needs.

Check the Filter

Inspect the spa cartridge filter and clean out any dirt that has accumulated on it. This is important to ensure that the water remains clean and germ-free. Check the filter’s maintenance manual and make sure that you adhere to the instructions.

Generally, you have to clean the filter at least once every month. This is a fairly simple process. Just make sure that you get rid of all the dirt on each pleat of the filter cartridge. Plus, only put the filter back on after it has dried out completely. A proper filter cleaning detergent will help sanitise and prolong the life of your filter.

The filter must be replaced around every 18 months. So, if it is time to replace the filter, don’t skip on it.

As long as you keep the water balanced and the filter clean, you shouldn’t face much of a problem when using the spa. Just remember to replace the water in the spa once every three to four months as instructed by the manufacturer.  

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