Why has my pool gone green or cloudy and how can I fix it?

Perhaps you have an algae bloom or failed equipment, probably your pump or filter. Without testing the water, it’s hard to find the cause and fix your problem.

Come into Poolside North Shore and bring 500ml of your pool or spa water, we can run your water sample through our labs and give you a printout. Our technicians will walk you step by step through the results and make recommendations on how to make your pool safe, clear and healthy. Come visit us today at 1 Cowley Place Rosedale with your water sample.

Do you do water testing in store, and will it cost me?

Yes, we do in store water testing. Bring 500ml of your pool or spa water and come visit us at 1 Cowley place Rosedale. This is a free service. Our labs are some of the highest quality in New Zealand, most pool companies only use the electronic spin method which has mixed accuracy.

We use both electronic spin and titration testing which is a more accurate method and we give you a computerised print out so you know exactly what is going on in your pool.

Do I still need to service my pool during the winter?

Why service your pool if you’re not using it during the winter?

Because not servicing your pool in winter will cost you more money when you want to use it in the summer.


  • As the temperature rises you could get a green pool at the start of summer because the algae will bloom, which means a costly chemical rebalance.
  • Because of low ph levels your pool equipment could get damaged (pipes, fittings, filter, and excess moisture can cause pump failure).
  • Damage to the pool surface (staining and etching)

To avoid this, we winterise the pool (keep it balanced enough to avoid damage) then when summer comes we balance your pool up to acceptable swimming levels.

To book a valet click here or call us on 0800 800 744

Is getting my pool once a month valeted enough during the summer?

No, because the chemical demand in summer is too high to leave unattended for that long, if you don’t valet your pool regularly your pool won’t be in balance.

Click here to see the valet section or give us a call on 0800 800 744.

Can you fix my filter, pump, pool cleaner or pool equipment?

Yes, we can send a Poolside Technician to your home to who can identify and fix your problem. We’ll explain what’s happening to your pool in an easy to understand manner, and give you a quote. Or you can bring your equipment to 1 Cowley Place:

Pumps: we can send someone to your home to inspect your pump or you can bring your pump in store.

Pool cleaners: Bring your cleaner in and we’ll inspect it. You might need a replacement cleaner or you could need replacement parts.

Filters: We’ll come and visit you onsite. Perhaps the sand in your filter needs replacing, we’ll swap it out for glass. Then we’ll perform checks on the o-ring and make sure your filter runs smoothly.

Bring your other equipment to the store and if you can’t, take a photo and email it to info@poolsidenorthshore.co.nz

I’d like to be Valet customer do I need to be at home when you visit?

No you don’t.

Most pools we visit the owners aren’t there and we can come clean your pool while you’re on holiday. Our reliable uniformed staff will show up when scheduled and all our marked Poolside Assist vans have GPS tracking.

We’ll leave you a sheet explaining what we did, anything important, who was there, when we came. Call us 0800 800 744 on info@poolsideshore.co.nz for full details.

What levels of poolcare are available to me from Poolside?

After a stormy weekend, I had a house valuation the next day. Poolside North Shore came as soon as they could, spent two hours getting the pool looking good and ready for the inspection. I was impressed by their urgency to help me out. Thanks again.

Liz from Schnapper Rock/Albany

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