Swimming pool cleaning technologies have come a long way since the introduction of suction cleaners. Most modern automatic cleaners clean the walls and floor of your pool while collecting the debris in an internal skimmers basket. This means that they can run independently to your pool pump.

Automatic cleaners are also energy efficient devices that help you save time and money. Given below are some of the ways you tend to be more efficient with auto cleaners.

Fast Cleaning:

Without an automatic cleaner, you could spend hours every day and week scooping leaves from your pool and vacuuming it. A good auto cleaner will save you from having to manually clean the pool yourself.

Manually cleaning pools can be a tedious process and can take hours, while automatic cleaning will be done completely unsupervised by a cleaner in 3-4 hours . So, spend less time getting the pool cleaned and more time enjoying in it.

Programmable Start Times: Certain types of automatic cleaners can be programmed to start up at the same time every day for up to a week, saving you the hassle of starting it up whenever you want the pool to be cleaned.

As such, the machine will ensure that the water is cleaned at regular intervals without requiring any major interventions from your side. Of course, you will have to empty the filter bag when it gets full with the debris. But that’s about it.

Less ‘Green’ Pools:

If you clean the pool manually, you are likely to do that as per your convenience. So, there will be times when you won’t be able to clean the pool for a period of time, which can eventually let the algae accumulate and turn the waters green.

When this happens, you will have to chemically treat the pool to make it usable again. But with an auto cleaner, you can avoid such situations from ever occurring since it will consistently keep the pool clean once you set it up.

Automatic cleaners agitate the water and increase filtration, meaning less time and money is spent on adding chemicals to the pool.



Types of Automatic Cleaners

There are three types of automatic cleaners that are usually used – suction poolcleaner, pressure pool cleaner and robotic cleaner.

Suction pool cleaners are good for cleaning particles like sand and dirt from the swimming pool but are not very efficient when faced with clearing out large debris. They are cheaper compared to other auto cleaner options.

Pressure pool cleaners do not scrub the walls of the pool like suction cleaners. But it is very good at removing large debris from the water and has very low maintenance. These cleaners are usually installed when the pool is built, and not purchased retrospectively.

Robotic pool cleaners are capable of cleaning large debris as well as small particles from the waters. They can also scrub the walls of the pool. But on the downside, they are more expensive. To know which specific auto cleaner is good for you, get in touch with a pool cleaning expert. They will check out your pool, assess size and requirements to recommend an automatic cleaner that gets the job done effectively while fitting inside your budget.

Are you time poor but still want a clean pool?

If you are short on time then automatic cleaners are ideal for you.

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