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Why Protecting Your Pool in Winter will Save You Money

Taking adequate steps to protect your swimming pool during winter can help you save money in many ways. By cutting down on chemical usage and reducing pool run time, you can cut down on all pool related expenses during the season.    Pool Covers During winter, most...

How to Keep My Spa Clean

Ensuring that the spa water is crystal clean is important if you want the users to feel comfortable. Water that is not regularly cleaned can be a breeding ground for various bacteria which can eventually cause health issues for the bathers. Plus, the longevity of your...

How to Clean and Backwash Your Filter

In order to keep your pool clean, it is necessary that you ensure the filter is free from dirt and well-maintained. This will not just improve the quality of water but will also make the entire pool system work more efficiently. To keep the filter in good working...

How an Auto Cleaner Can Help Save Your Time

Swimming pool cleaning technologies have come a long way since the introduction of suction cleaners. Most modern automatic cleaners clean the walls and floor of your pool while collecting the debris in an internal skimmers basket. This means that they can run...

Why is My Pool Green and How Can I Save it?

If your swimming pool has turned green, it indicates a high algal and bacterial growth in the water. Green waters are considered very unhygienic. The microbial growth can be due to any of the reasons given below. Improper Filtration: The filter system is responsible...

Why Regular Water Testing is Important When My Pool Looks Clean Already

Testing the waters in your swimming pool on a regular basis is essential. Even though it may look clean, the water may be out of balance. This is not something you easily notice. As such, it is recommended that you test the pool water at least once a week in your home...

How to Clean Your Flooded Pool

If a pool has been susceptible to heavy rainfall, it is likely to have gained much dirty water and is now full of mud and other debris from gardens and other various contaminants. Although a dirty, clouded and flooded pool is a huge inconvenience, the pool can be used...

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